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About our admission process

Applications for admission to The International Preparatory School are
accepted throughout the year. Students should aim to enter in March for the start of the School year
or in August for the second semester. We allow entrance at other times of the year from families
coming from abroad, but all are subject to class vacancies..

Step One

Email Contact: Parents or guardians should contact the school via email to to start the school admission process.The institution can
provide more information through this medium.

Step Two

English and Mathematics Evaluation: Students must undergo an evaluation
of their English and mathematics skills to determine their level of knowledge in these
areas. This assessment can be in the form of a written or online test.

Step Three

Specialist Evaluation: Our team of specialists and professionals may evaluate
the students. The purpose of this evaluation is to understand the student’s learning
style and potential challenges they may face in the classroom.

Step Four

Handwritten Letter: The institution may request that students submit a
handwritten letter explaining why they want to be a part of the school. This can help
the institution better understand the student’s expectations and goals.

Step Five

Previous School Documents: Parents or guardians should provide the student’s
previous school documents, such as grades and certificates, for review. This can help
the institution better understand the student’s level of knowledge and skills.

Step Six

Student Selection: After the review of documents and evaluations, the
institution may select the most suitable students to be part of the school. The final
admission decision will be communicated to parents or guardians via email or phone call.