To Ms Lesley Name: Santiago Alonso Garcia Lasota Age: 21 Years at TIPS: 5 Memories I am fond of: practically everything, I had such fun among what I can only call a family at this point. The school took me in when I was lost, and ensured my growth not just as a student, but towards the end, as a person. Being the kid I was, there might’ve been some resistance on my end, but nothing takes away the bulk of it all. People actually cared about me, and make who I was, the best I could be. What I am doing today: To preface this, it worked! Today I am living the exact life I dreamed of. I am studying law, currently on my third year, at UDD. I’ve also been hired as a paralegal, to aid with matters of law wherever I can. Overall, I’d say that I’ve found not just my calling, but also that motivation we all tried to bring out of me back then. I’ve taken an interest in writing poetry (attached at the end), though I’ve left painting at a pause while I work that art. Overall, I’d say I’ve combined the lessons learned at TIPS, the experience that life has brought, as well as my own growth as a person, into someone I can be proud of, which is who I am today. With gratitude, Santiago Garcia