Founded in 1975, The International Preparatory School (TIPS), is a unique and personal, international school located on beautiful grounds in the foothills of the Andes in Santiago, Chile .
We have been serving the International Community for forty-three years. We have students from twenty different nationalities, we are members of the Cambridge International Center.

House Activities

The International Preparatory School has a system of “Houses” based on that used in many British schools. Our four houses are: St. Andrew, St. David, St. George and St. Patrick.

The house system is intended to promote greater integration among students of all ages and cultural backgrounds, to develop the dynamics of school spirit and to encourage inter-house activities. It is also intended to develop qualities of leadership, especially among older students, who organize many activities for their houses.

Each house is made up of students from different classes, from Pre-Kinder to Senior School, with a Captain and a Vice-Captain from the upper grades. As students participate in sports, cultural, social and educational activities, they earn points for their houses.

Events might include Roald Dahl Day, Crazy Hat Day Famous Person Day, and Backwards Clothes Day.

The School Year

The school year runs from March to mid-December and is divided into two semesters. An optional summer programme is available in January. There are no classes in February. There are three weeks of winter vacation in July and one week in September for the Chilean National Holidays

Progress Reports

There are two progress reports during the year, one at the end of each semester. Parent-teacher meetings are scheduled twice a year and either parent or teacher may ask for special meetings if they feel it necessary.


Although there is no regular school uniform, a Physical Education uniform is obligatory.

School Hours

The school day begins at 9:00 am and ends at 14:15 for Playgroup and Foundation students. Year 1 students leave school at 15:40 pm and those in Year 2-13 at 16:20 pm. There are extracurricular activities in the afternoons from 15:35 pm to 17:30 pm.


Parking is available out in front of the school.  Please ensure you lock your vehicle when entering the school.  The school will not be held liable for damage, theft or other incidents of vehicles outside of the school.

School Security

The International Preparatory School takes security very serious.  Please read handbook for more information. YOU WILL NEED TO ADD FURTHER INFORMATION HERE.

The TIPS Charity Club is a group of students from key stage 3 & 4 who joined to help people and animals in Chile.

Our Charity Club focuses on donations stretching out from helping homeless animals, to building roofs, and collaborating with organizations in different parts of Chile.

The Charity Club’s goal is to help the people and animals who are in need. It also gives every member and non-member an opportunity to volunteer in charity acts which could later help them in succeeding in their lives.

Job Opportunities – 2018 School Year

As an international school we are always looking for native English speakers to join our team of teachers. We are happy to receive CVs at different points during the year, but as the school year runs from March to December, we expect to be interviewing during November for teachers to join us at the end of February.

Our teachers need to work as a team, being willing to get involved in different aspects of school life including special events and cross-curricular activities. As we provide a personalised education to our students it is very important that teachers are able to support their class in a pastoral role when necessary.

To apply please send your CV with a covering letter to or use the form on this page. 2018 School Year. We currently have teaching positions to fill for the 2018 school year starting in March.